Brilliant IterationThe wonderful thing about design concepts and patterns is that they can be reused. Whenever you hit on a core idea, it can be 2016-04-18 inspire design

Say No to Yak ShavingThis one concept has meant so much to me over the years. I continue to share it with friends and family members to this day 2016-03-04 inspire

How to Survive Melancholy: PlayHow to Survive Melancholy Anxiety tends to result in a negative feedback loop. Having anxiety on an issue, which causes more anxiety for having 2016-02-28 inspire executive-disfunction

Gratitude and Memory LossRecently I completed the book Flourish, by Martin E. P. Seligman, which was recommended by a friend. The author explains what well-being really is, 2016-02-23 inspire executive-disfunction

Pushing the Needle ForwardThe biggest lesson I’ve learned in my life is to be authentic, not fill the void with a sense of false self-worth. Not to say, “Look at me. I do 2015-11-11 reading

Working Way Too MuchThe Cult of Work You Never Meant to Join by Jason Lengstorf is a fantastic piece about working too much. These are a few bits that jumped out at 2015-04-15 reading

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