What to Read?What to read? As a person that has over 900 books on his Amazon wish list, finding time to consume all the books that I want to seems daunting at 2023-04-20 reading

Lessons LearnedIt’s been 10 years since my last post on this blog — under this domain: evenpace. There are many, many unspoken reasons why this is 2023-04-17 inspire

Soothing AlertsQuiet is great. But, sometimes you need an auditory reminder on your computer. For me sharp noises cause discomfort. The tone of an 2023-02-02 auditory-processing

Building Momentum with Tiny WinsSetting good habits sets you up for success. The more that you practice those habits the more momentum you start to 2018-03-20 inspire

Design Thinking for LifeI was feeling overwhelmed, more accurately so “scatterbrained”, by the many areas of life that I want to work on. As a 2018-03-19 inspire

How do you see?I’ve always disliked the phrase, “Fake it until you make it!”. It just feels so disingenuous. Dealing with conflict shouldn’t be 2018-03-12 inspire

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