Speak TextMacOS has a feature that if you highlight text, and right click there is a menu item named Speech > Start Speaking. This can be cumbersome over April 11, 2024 auditory-processing tools

Shower TimeProblem: When taking a shower, I lose track of time, and am not sure how long I've been in there. Great time for thinking, and I end up going over a mental todo list or just daydreaming. This is also known as... August 1, 2023 auditory-processing tools time-blindness

Soothing AlertsQuiet is great. For me sharp noises are painful to hear. The tone of an alert or the repetitiveness of it can be distracting too. But, sometimes you July 3, 2023 auditory-processing tools accessibility

Day ProgressProblem: I'm working from my laptop/computer, and time is flying by. I glace at the digital clock, but really, it doesn't mean much. With the exception of framing my day around lunch – if I remember – there aren't any cues. June 25, 2023 self-care apps time-blindness

Sok-It: JavasockProblem: In my SUV, no matter what kind of drink that I put in the cupholder, but especially 20oz bottles of soda or water, it rattles when I'm driving. I find this incredibly distracting and often can't tune it out. June 22, 2023 self-care tools

What to Read?What to read? As a person that has over 900 books on his Amazon wish list, finding time to consume all the books that I want to seems daunting at April 20, 2023 reading

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