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A friend of mine and I were talking the other day about blogging. Why does one blog? There are many reasons. Blogging can be used to explore new ideas, vent, an outlet to express oneself, or simply a mental scratchpad” that collects the various aspects of one’s life.

Blogging as a mental scratchpad”, so to speak, really struck a cord with me. It allows one to push away internal mental boundaries, gain clarity, and progress further; sharing it with the world.

I stumbled upon another blog post that hit along the same vein:

Blogging is a metacognitive exercise

… It is a metacognitive exercise that allows the professional crafting it to self-actualize. Or in simpler terms: it’s like going to the gym for your brain…”

Blogging, in the right context, encourages growth. Let’s continue to push ourselves.


November 1, 2011

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