JoltJustin Jackson’s book Jolt: Marketing Tactics for Programmers, Designers, Freelancers, Makers, and Entrepreneurs was a great way to start off January 12, 2017 book-reviews

Solving Complex Problems & Dispelling AnxietiesSolving Complex Problems How’s that for a headline? Rolls right off the tongue. Let’s dive into creating solutions, getting rid of clouded thinking, July 17, 2016 executive-disfunction planning

Finding What Challenges YouIn an interview, Neil deGrasse Tyson talks about science boosting the economy. He goes on to say, most companies and June 20, 2016 inspire

Quitting Too EarlySay No to Yak Shaving A common theme that I see re-occurring in success stories is: “I stuck it out. I didn’t quit early.” In a 1988 interview, May 16, 2016 inspire

Say No to Yak ShavingThis one concept has meant so much to me over the years. I continue to share it with friends and family members to this day March 4, 2016 inspire

How to Survive Melancholy: PlayHow to Survive Melancholy Anxiety tends to result in a negative feedback loop. Having anxiety on an issue, which causes more anxiety for having February 28, 2016 inspire executive-disfunction

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