Gratitude and Memory LossRecently I completed the book Flourish, by Martin E. P. Seligman, which was recommended by a friend. The author explains what well-being really is, February 23, 2016 inspire executive-disfunction

Pushing the Needle ForwardThe biggest lesson I’ve learned in my life is to be authentic, not fill the void with a sense of false self-worth. Not to say, “Look at me. I do November 11, 2015 reading

Working Way Too MuchThe Cult of Work You Never Meant to Join by Jason Lengstorf is a fantastic piece about working too much. These are a few bits that jumped out at April 15, 2015 reading

New Years ResolutionsReally, the goals we set for New Years shouldn’t be something new altogether. They should be an incremental progression of existing goals. I December 31, 2014 inspire planning

Self Love Isn’t SelfishThis morning as I meditated in the shower, I kept thinking, “Self-love isn’t selfish.” What is selfishness (mirror)? When we expect others to give December 29, 2014 inspire self-care

Failing to SucceedIn Non-profits have a charter to be innovators, Seth Godin wrote, “Go fail. And then fail again. […] Innovators understand that their job is to December 1, 2014 inspire

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