Day Progress

KC Davis in her book, How to Keep House While Drowning says her philosophy is:

You don’t exist to serve your space; your space exists to serve you.

I love this. It has allowed me to ditch some of the norms’ about the spaces we occupy and look for solutions that serve my needs. Self care.

Problem: I’m working from my laptop/computer, and time is flying by. I glace at the digital clock, but really, it doesn’t mean much. With the exception of framing my day around lunch – if I remember – there aren’t any cues.

Solution: Day Progress app, which shows you time remaining today in your menu bar.

In settings you can adjust from a pie chart to a pill visually. I like the pill. You can also use a percentage of time left or the actual hours left in your day. It’s flexible enough to allow you to set the start and end hours of your day’, which may not correspond to an actual calendar day.

It’s free and under active development.

Screenshot of my menu bar in Day Progress.Screenshot of my menu bar in Day Progress.

June 25, 2023

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