Sok-It: Javasock

KC Davis in her book, How to Keep House While Drowning says her philosophy is:

You don’t exist to serve your space; your space exists to serve you.

I love this. It has allowed me to ditch some of the norms’ about the spaces we occupy and look for solutions that serve my needs. Self care.

Problem: In my SUV, no matter what kind of drink that I put in the cupholder, but especially 20oz bottles of soda or water, it rattles when I’m driving. I find this incredibly distracting and often can’t tune it out.

Solution: Sok-It’s JavaSock ( link ). I chose the Large 30-32oz because it will fit most any drink. I can easily put a bottled water inside and no noise! It even stays cold longer.

On a related note, I got their IceCreamSok because it too is one of those things that sensory wise hurts to hold and this solves that too.

June 22, 2023

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