Don’t Give In

Life has a way of throwing conflict at us. Admittingly, I should know, I’ve had my fair share. My Bacon family crest reads, Mediocria Firma, which some interpretations read as, Mediocrity is Safe”.

Many times it can be tempting to find safety” in mediocracy; there is no such thing. We must be resilient enough to get back on our feet and keep on going.

In our younger years, we are more prone to take on the goals with more risk in hopes of big returns. Yet when it fails the first time, or the second, we get discouraged and the spark in us dies.

We then convince ourselves that if we follow the rules, keep our heads down, all will be well. The situation has intimidated us. We comply.

Keeping your head down won’t pay off. Ever. It makes you a replaceable human resource” in the system.

Fight the instinct to stay safe”. Stand out. Make connections. Be remarkable.


March 12, 2012

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